Course Update for April 19, 2013

The 2013 Golf Season is Arriving!
On Tuesday, April 22 the golf course will open for the 2013 season. It has been a cold and wet month, causing havoc on the course clean-up and turf green up from the long, harsh winter, but temperatures over the last week have risen and the turf has come alive! With this continued wet spring, please be careful of the low lying wet areas throughout the course when you are enjoying your first rounds of the year.

Review Winter/Spring 2013
Over the winter and into the spring the turf team has been hard at work on a number of projects. A significant amount of tree work has been completed, the removal of over 50 Ash Trees throughout the course was finished in early February and the wood has been hauled away and chipped for disposal. These ash trees were all infected and killed by the Emerald Ash Borer and removal was the only option. At the same time the removals were being handled, sightline pruning was being worked on. Sightlines from #11 and #17 tees have been opened up to see a better portion of the fairway, and #9, 4 and 5 had some pruning completed to raise some of the tree canopies. The only remaining process is the stumping of the remaining stumps, which will be completed the first week of May.

As part of the master plan the removal of the infected Ash on #14 fairway is finished, and we will begin the construction of two new bunkers to frame the hole. At the same time we have started the reshaping of the fairway directing the tee shot to the left side of the hole. This work should be completed in early May with the new fairway and bunkers opening for play at the end of May.

In late March we started the first of two new tee projects as part of the long-range Master Plan. The two tees, #13 and #2, were in significant decline and needed to be re-built. They both were crowned from years of settling and wear, causing a teeing surface that was uneven for play. They were too small for the amount of rounds and wear, and both tee complex surrounds were old and needed updating. The construction has begun on #13 and will be finished and ready for sod the last week in April. The #2 tees will be started late next week and finished the first week in May. The spring rains have slowed the projects down, but we are still on schedule for sod. There is no good time to complete a tee construction, in the spring or fall you will need to play on a temporary tee for a few weeks to allow the sod to root and be stable enough for play. With spring being the best time for turf growth, this should allow me to open the new tees for the end of May.

A few drainage projects the team have been working on consist of a new main drain line and interceptor drain along the left side of #11. This new drain should help remove the bank water and dry up the left side for play. The next phase will be installing two new catch basins by the forward tee to remove the water from the bush and existing low areas as we extend the cart path towards the maintenance bridge. This will allow the carts to stay on the path until a more suitable area to enter the fairway. Another drainage issue that has been a thorn in my side is an old weeping tile to the right of #2 green. The team is going to connect this tile and run it down the hill to an existing catch basin; this will correct the wet area drying up the right side of the green.

With all this construction going on the team was able to finish the first aerification on the greens to promote new root growth and begin the process of good turf health for 2013.

Again, I want to welcome everyone back, and I hope for a great 2013!

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent