Course Update for October 7, 2016

By October 7, 2016Fall, Irrigation, Poa

Fall has arrived and that means leaves, leaves and more leaves. Over the next few weeks we will work hard on keeping the playing surfaces clear of leaves. The process will be to blow leaves into wind rows along the tree lines and mulch as many leaves as we can with the rough mowers. During the next few weeks I ask for your patience as the blowers will be running throughout the day. This can be a messy time of year for the turf as we try to mulch leaves and mow the turf during constant wet conditions. To minimize the mess we will reduce the mowing under trees and out of play areas to once a week to help with the wear caused by the mowers. This will mean some longer rough in certain areas for the next few weeks.

As we move into the middle of October we will begin two fall projects. The first project will be a long range program to help minimize poa encroachment in the greens. A significant amount of poa encroaches from the edges of the green and the approach in front. We plan on starting a program where we install new sod in front of a few greens each year where the poa in the approach is beginning to be apparent. This year we will re-sod the approach on #2, 4 and 9. By doing this and adding new bentgrass sod we minimize the tracking of poa on to the greens. Secondly, we will be tackling the realignment of #9 fairway. The fairway has always been lined up with the old tee by #8 green. The plan is to change the angle of the fairway towards the current tees. We will begin with moving the irrigation heads on the right side of the hole. Then we will strip the grass on both sides of the hole and lay sod creating a new fairway lining up with the tee. This will create a better visual of the hole and provide a better angle for balls to land in the fairway instead of the rough like it is now. The plan is to have all the sod work completed by the end of October to give it time to root and be ready for play in early spring. Disruption to play should be minimal.

Have a great weekend!

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent