Course Update for May 23, 2014

15 hole

I have been asked over the last couple weeks why the fairway and rough recovery is taking so long. Let’s not forget it was the harshest winter in recent history, the damage to the low lying areas throughout the course is severe and growing them back will take time. The amount of damage is not isolated to numerous large areas but to small low spots throughout the fairways and roughs making it impossible to sod. The turf team has been aerating, slit seeding, drop seeding, and topdressing with sand through the damaged areas, now we have begun watering and fertilizing regularly to promote growth. This seeding process is not a onetime procedure it will be done numerous times throughout the season to aid in recovery. This will be a long recovery process, there is nothing we can do to make seed grow faster, trust me, I have tried! I know you have heard me say it all spring but this year is going to take patience from the membership and the turf department, the worst thing I could do is lack patience during recovery and reseed to quickly destroying all the work we had previously accomplished. Let’s hope spring has arrived and with the warm temperatures the recovery process will continue to move forward.

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent