Course Update for June 6, 2014

15 Hole

One construction project is coming to an end and another has begun. In December 2013 the start of the new 15th hole began with the widening of the creek, and today it ends with 2.5 tractor trailer loads of sod around the new tees. Even though construction got off to a late start this spring, the overall project has gone very well and the finished product looks great.

With the end of the construction on #15 (see photo above), the start of the greens rebuild is in full gear. By the beginning of next week we will begin seeding the first three greens of the project. The project has gone very well, with three greens approved by the architect, two have been drained ready for gravel and mix, and the fourth green will be approved by the architect on Saturday. The sequence of greens is going well, after #9 we will be moving on to #6, then #1 followed by #5. In the next week the range will close so the company can start to shape the new practice facility. The amount of material that is now stockpiled is from three greens and is enough to get started on shaping the area. This will allow the construction company to start dumping the material in place instead of moving it twice.

Even with all the construction going on I haven’t forgotten about the recovery efforts throughout the remainder of the course. The team began overseeding fairways and roughs again this week. I am using different practices this time on fairways, which includes core aerification, drop seeding followed by topdressing. You will notice on holes #1 and #11 we began slit seeding new varieties of Kentucky bluegrass into the damaged areas of the rough. Repairs to the large areas will be completed when we finish hauling material to each hole for construction purposes. Since we no longer need access to #15, we will begin to repair the roughs around #17, #16, #11 and the fairways on the same holes. Over the next few weeks we will begin finishing repairs to areas throughout the course as construction comes to an end.

As construction continues, the lower parking lot will continue to be used to stockpile materials. This will reduce the number of spaces available for parking. Your understanding and patience is much appreciated.

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent