Course Update for June 20, 2014

It has been a busy couple weeks so I wanted to send out a quick update of the progress we have made on a few areas.

The ongoing recovery on the low lying areas throughout the course is moving forward. We have been seeding roughs and fairways daily with slit seeders and/or aerification with drop seeders followed up with sand topdressing. Each step in healing is done numerous times before a full recovery is made. These areas are very persistent and tough to establish but are beginning to get smaller. This process takes time and doesn’t produce a quick recovery like sod, but with the amount of damage we sustained, I am going to stick with this tactic where traffic and haul roads are not a concern. On some areas we will begin to repair with sod when the construction is finalized in the vicinity, and hopefully by the end of July all these areas will be completed. The final tee on #11 was sodded this week, and all the other tees that were repaired in May are now open for play. Overall, the areas in the roughs and fairways that were devastated by winter damage have been recovering, slowly, but these areas have shown vast improvements from the beginning of May.

15 first cut

Hole 15
The final phases of construction were completed the second week of June. The new 15th hole and 16th tee look great, and the overall improvement to this area of the property is outstanding. The green was seeded May 26, and on June 18 we mowed it for the first time. The green grow-in is on schedule. The tees were seeded June 10 and germinated 5 days later.

Greens Re-build
The contractor began bringing machinery to the site May 27 and started on May 31. It always takes time to get the process in sequence, but with the great weather we have had, the project is moving along quickly. As most of you have seen over the last couple weeks, the project is quite elaborate. The process starts by digging out the green and approving grades (1 day), followed by draining the green and gravel installation (1.5 days), after approvals of the gravel layer the new greens mix is installed and grades approved (1 day), and the final step is grading the area and preparing for seed and sod (1 day). That is the process in a nutshell. It takes a lot of machinery and material hauled throughout the property to get this completed, and as of June 18 the construction company has cored out 8 greens, fully completed 3 greens, and in the final stages of 5 others. The first three greens will be seeded by June 19 and should show signs of germination within 7 days. The project has a lot of moving pieces but, at this point, is on schedule.

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent