Course Update for July 8, 2016

As I sit here writing the course update this morning, I’m watching a sprinkle of rain come down. I was hoping for something more like a downpour but, unfortunately, it didn’t come. Yesterday the rain hit north of us and this morning it is hitting west and south of the club. One of these days we will get a nice all-day rain and everything will come alive.

Managing the turf through these dry spells takes numerous staff on hand-hoses watering localized dry spots. By applying the water with a hose you get direct penetration to the area, helping the turf recover. Please be aware of the staff as most of these areas are in play. When it comes to watering greens, you will notice a morning hand watering followed by a late afternoon touch up on wilting areas throughout the greens. Most of the greens watering during the heat stress are done with a hose. We only turn the sprinklers on once every 5-6 days, to do what is called a flush. This is when we irrigate to perch the water table, which causes it to break tension and flush, drawing in oxygen to the rootzone. Deep and infrequent is how bentgrass likes to be watered, compared to light and frequent with poa.

Heading into July you will notice a couple of landscape areas not yet completed. The new designs with perennials and ornamental grasses around the bag drop and clubhouse are completed for the season. Even without a drought the new perennials will take 2-3 years to fully develop into a wave of colour, so some time and patience is needed before the new plant material grows. As we do every year, we will assess all the new plantings and add new varieties and colour to areas that require additional plant material to make the beds flourish. Beds like the ones around #18 tee and #18 green by the new fence are an ongoing process of adding and splitting material from other areas of the property. In regards to the hill going from #11 green to #12 tee, as we mentioned in the spring, this will take time. Originally we said it will be planted by the end of June to the beginning of July, but because of the drought it has been put on hold. The bank is south facing, receives lots of sun, and the area is just too dry to plant. All the plant material has been ordered, and once we receive significant rain to add moisture to the hill, we will then plant.

Have a great weekend!

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent