Course Update for July 4, 2014

Another week down and three more greens have been seeded, giving us a total of eight completed greens. The construction company has removed earth on four more greens and started the finishing stages on three of them. With good weather, we should be done removing earth from the greens by the end of next week. This will put us right on schedule to finish the project by the end of July. The crew will be moving to holes #14, 13, 12, and #7, as well as the PG to finish off the project. While the construction moves forward, the turf crew has now backtracked and started to re-sod the haul roads that were damaged during the work. Over the next few weeks we will begin the process of adding the new sand to the bunkers. Once the sod has rooted and no more soil will wash out, we will add the new white sand, avoiding as much contamination as possible.

6 Green

For the past week, the turf team has been focusing on cleaning along creek banks and bush lines. We have been removing sucker growth along the creek banks to open up sightlines, as well as pruning back branches along cart paths for safety reasons. We continue to reseed bare areas throughout the property. The majority of the fairways have recovered nicely and we are now treating the small areas, like divots. The most severely damaged fairway was #11 by the 150 marker and approach to the green. We will continue to aerate and reseed these areas because bentgrass sod is unavailable until sometime in September. We have added new trees along the right side of 13 fairway where the ash trees were removed. The six new trees include: two Hackberry, two Linden and two Sugar Maples; a good variety of plantings to diversify the trees along the right of #13.

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent