Course Update for September 8, 2017

By September 8, 2017Aerification

As of Monday, September 18, start times on weekdays will be change from 7:30am to 8:00am. It will remain at 7:00am on weekends for the month of September.

With daylight getting less and less every day, it is getting much more difficult for our team to get our morning maintenance done ahead of golf. During the week it is especially difficult as we perform more agricultural tasks. Having enough time to prepare the golf course properly in the morning is essential for the health and conditioning of the course. Working on the greens before daylight always poses a risk for turf injury. Protecting the greens, one of our biggest assets, is always a priority. In addition, it takes virtually twice as long (if not more) to get the jobs done when we get caught in golf. Which means only half the jobs can be completed. This can really diminish the quality of the product we are able to provide.

This week’s aerification went really well. We had to work around some rain on Tuesday afternoon, but otherwise the weather was cooperative. Both a core aerification and a sand injection were completed.

Photo: Side profile look at the green with two sand injection holes on each side and an aerified hole in the middle.

Even with limited staff we were able to get all of the greens done and we are really happy with the results. Approximately 3,000 pounds of sand was applied to each green. Even though this process ensures long term gain, keep in mind that the greens will have a recovery period. The greens will be bumpier and slower for the following week or so. We will do everything we can to achieve a speedy recovery.

Have a great weekend.

Andre Aymar, Golf Course Superintendent