Course Update for October 15, 2012

Fall weather brings along many favourable features for golf courses, but worm castings aren’t one of them. As days get shorter, air temperature and soil temperatures decrease and we tend to see more average rainfall. All of which are perfect conditions for earthworms. There are only three species of earthworms in North America that have been reported to occur in turfgrass, and out of these three only two of them create soil castings. The night crawler is the most common and abundant. When they feed on soil and organic matter at night they leave fecal matter at the entrance of their burrow, leaving a big mess on short cut turf such as fairways and tees.

Our turf staff are doing their very best to clean it up daily, but in areas where earthworms are densely populated, the appearance and playability of the golf course may be affected.

Andre Aymar, Assisstant Course Superintendent

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