Course Update for October 14, 2015

Cultural Practices
The turf team has been busy this past week completing numerous cultural practices. On October 5 we solid tyned all the greens and applied a heavy sand topdressing. This will create a mat layer to help with the maturing process of the new bentgrass greens and smooth out the surfaces to allow for a truer ball roll. I will be sand topdressing every seven days this fall to try and get the greens as dense and mature as possible going into the winter months. This will provide a more consistent putting surface next season. At the end of last week over half of the fairways were aerated with a solid tyne. We hope to complete all of them by Friday. After that we will verti-cut some of the fairways that have the most thatch, as we did on #10 last week. To finish off the fairways I will be applying sand topdressing to provide for a better playing surface. This week I will be tackling some tee surfaces with the same procedure as the fairways. All these cultural practices are necessary and will provide for better playing conditions in the future.

Practice Range Fairway
The new practice facility has been a big hit this year. You can see by the number of divots on the practice fairway that everyone’s short game must be better. On October 20 the practice fairway will close for the season to allow time to seed the divots and give them a chance to grow in for the 2016 season. It has been a long season and the practice fairway will require some time to get it ready for next year.

After two seasons with construction, it has been a good year with minimal disturbance on the golf course. Unfortunately there is never a great time to complete work to improve the course, and at some point minor disturbances will happen. Last week the Board approved the rebuild of the remaining fairway bunkers that were not completed during the flood or greens rebuild. This project is scheduled to start sometime during the first week of November, and if the weather cooperates, will last approximately two weeks. There are eight remaining fairway bunkers to be rebuilt. Ian Andrew has completed drawings to rebuild five of them and fill in the remaining three. The new bunkers will be constructed in the same manner as the new greenside bunkers. The mounding will be reduced, new liners, drainage and, most importantly, new sand. If all goes well the bunkers will be ready for play first thing in the spring.

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent