Course Update for November 6, 2017

By November 7, 2017Poa, Winter

The golf course will close on November 12.

Although the spring and early summer kept us wondering if we were ever going to make it a full day without hearing the sound of the weather horn, Mother Nature made up for it with exceptional golfing weather throughout the late summer and fall. It has been a great way to wrap up the season, and what a wonderful season it has been. I truly hope that everyone has enjoyed playing the golf course as much as we have enjoyed providing a great course for you to play.

The final day of the golf season is never an easy one for all of us who love playing the game and enjoy the fellowship that comes with it. Nevertheless, it is important for our team to schedule our final duties in order to put the golf course to bed and get it ready for the upcoming season.

Over the last several days the golf course has clearly shown us that it is starting to shut down for the winter. The course will no longer have the ability to recover from any wear and tear. Most importantly, the greens become especially vulnerable to thinning and poa encroachment. It is very important for the greens to go into the winter as healthy as possible.

After the course closes, our final preparations will involve winterizing the irrigation system, completing the final course clean up, and applying all our winter protection applications. If weather permits, we may even be able to catch up on a few small projects.

Thanks again for a wonderful season.

Andre Aymar, Golf Course Superintendent