Course Update for November 6, 2015

By November 9, 2015Bunkers, Winter

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Last day to golf is November 15
November started with some of the best days for fall golf in years. The next few weeks will be busy for the turf staff as we prepare the golf course for the winter months. It has been a long season for the golf course, and nobody wants to hear this but the golf course will close at the end of the day on November 15. The turf department will then begin blowing out the irrigation system, applying some dormant fertilizer, and complete the spraying of winter fungicide to protect the turf from snow mold. Final leaf cleanup along property lines and around buildings, and some small drainage projects throughout the course will be completed. Closing on November 15 eliminates the additional wear to the golf course, including divots and cart traffic, that would continually damage the turf and not allow it the necessary time to heal before spring.

The bunker construction project has gone very well (see photos below). The warm, dry weather this past week allowed the construction company to move forward quickly. Sodding of all the new bunkers is set for next Tuesday, a few days ahead of schedule. The new fairway bunkers will match the rebuilt greenside bunkers from a design aspect and playability with the same sand.

Have a great weekend!

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent