The golf course will be closed on Monday, June 4 and Tuesday, June 5 for aerification.

With some timely showers and good growing conditions, many of the newly sodded areas have rooted well. If you have been around the golf course over the last couple of days you have probably noticed that we have taken some of the ropes out and have opened some areas for play. We hope to be able to open up more areas over the weekend and into early next week. There are, however, some spots that will still take a bit more time. These areas will remain roped off, so we ask that you still proceed with caution around the newly sodded areas.

There have been a few questions regarding what will go around the edges of the new cart paths on the 10th and the 18th holes. These areas will all be sodded.

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for our team. We have put the majority of our focus on restoring the golf course and getting everything back in play. Now that we are wrapping up with some of the construction odds and ends, our focus will be redirected to some of the detail work on the course, including line trimming, weeding, mulching, and bunker maintenance. Yesterday, the remaining stumps from the wind storm were ground, and we are getting them ready for seed. Also, now that we are officially beyond the threat for frost (May 24), we will be planting all the annuals for the season.

City Sewer Project
The City was in this week to sod some of the small spots by the maintenance road and install gravel on our maintenance path between the 7th and the 13th holes. They will be back to do some curbing, asphalt repair, and plantings.

Creek Erosion Project
The 18th green is starting to show colour. We are very happy with the consistency of the initial sprouting, and by the end of next week we should be able to make our first cut. This is a critical stage in the grow-in process because the seedlings are very fragile. Close monitoring and frequent cooling with water is essential.

Have a great weekend,

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent