Course Update for May 25, 2012

#7bunker finished
If you haven’t noticed over the last week, the colour of the sand used for the divot mix has changed. Previously, sand was dyed green to blend in with the turf around the divot. This sand material made moisture retention hard, restricting the bentgrass seed from germinating in a timely manner or germinating at all. With the size of the tees and the amount of play put on them, I felt an adjustment to the mix needed to be made. What I have done is added a composted material blended with sand, which holds moisture throughout the day. This will allow the seed to stay cool and moist allowing for germination in days. Next time you are out playing, take a look at some of the divots and you will see new seedlings growing.

Over the next week new green labels will be put on the bottles saying, “FOR FAIRWAY USE ONLY.” Please replace your divots with the mix only in the fairways; the seed used is bentgrass which is grown at fairway height. Do not use in the rough. For some of you who have asked, there will be divot stations at #1and #10 tees for replenishing your divot bottle; a bottle per nine holes is a great help for the maintenance staff.

With my team and the help from members, we should be able to manage the amount of divots on the property. Keep up the great work!

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent