Course Update for May 13, 2015

By May 13, 2015Divots

It is been a productive two weeks for the turf department. We completed the sod work on the old haul roads along #3, #14 and #18, along with some large fairway areas on #11, #17 and #18. The sodding around the new range facility was completed and the short game area will be ready to open on Friday, May 15. The short game area including two practice bunkers and a new fairway will be a great addition to the new practice facility. Please remember when practicing chip shots not to stand in one area for too long; spread the wear out to minimize the amount of divots in a given spot. In the past, when practicing, we were educated to create a divot pattern in a large circle. The problem with this is it took a significant amount of time to recover. The new way is to create a row of divots and leave a strip of unused grass in between allowing the turf to recover from all sides while the seeds germinate in the middle, speeding up recovery time. I have included two pictures to show how I would like to see the divot pattern used on the short game facility.


With a little more sodding to complete in the next week, we have begun our spring bunker maintenance. This is a process where we take measurements of the sand depths, adjust or add new sand where necessary, and plate tamp the sand to provide a consistent bunker. This process will take a couple of weeks to complete.

Our focus now is on the ongoing details throughout the course. The turf department has begun our daily divot and ballmark repair programs. But, even with these programs initiated, it still means everyone needs to replace or seed there divots and repair all there ballmarks. I have said in previous emails that repairing ballmarks is the #1 defense mechanism against poa encroachment. If everyone repairs one, plus one more, we will be able to protect the new greens from this happening. The team is also hard at work with weed control and getting caught up on the initial line trimming throughout the course. In all, the course is rounding into shape for a great season ahead.

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent