Course Update for May 12, 2017

The short game area will be officially open Saturday the morning of May 13. This year it took a little bit longer because of the cooler temperatures. Now that the bentgrass seed is germinating, the short game area will be able to recover from the traffic.

With all the rain from last weekend, it has shown where we have deficiencies in our drainage. On an older property like this one, fixing and/or adding drains can be very time consuming and take a lot of planning. We will certainly do our very best to address some of these areas. This week we were able to fix a drain on the bottom part of the fairway bunker on #5. (see photo)

Islington Golf Club #5 Green Drainage

Starting next week, we will be commencing our scheduled back nine starts. Over the past couple of seasons we have noticed that the front nine gets significantly more rounds of play. On the busier days the front nine can get as many as 90 more rounds. This is a 30% increase. Although we have a strategic agronomical plan to manage the turf accordingly, we have still noticed that it causes a lot more stress on those greens. Many more ballmarks are visible and high foot traffic areas become weaker. Both of these make the greens vulnerable to turf decline and poa encroachment. Our goal is to provide exceptional putting surfaces while protecting the long-term viability of the newly built greens. Spreading some of the wear to the back nine once a week will be effective in allowing the front nine greens to recover. We will have back nine starts on a more consistent schedule. It will be on a Monday through Friday rotation. Therefore, if next week is a Monday back nine start, then the following week will be a Tuesday back nine start.

Have a great weekend.

Andre Aymar, Golf Course Superintendent