Course Update for March 29, 2018

Construction Update
Since the last update two weeks ago, we have yet to see any turf starting to come out of dormancy. It has been quite cool and the next couple of weeks (with the exception of the odd day here and there) don’t look a whole lot better. We’ll anxiously await some better temperatures to allow for some turf growth.

Nevertheless, the past two weeks have been very productive. The creek work is now complete. The new bridge has been put in place and the new cart path has been installed. R&M, the construction company doing the creek work has taken away all of their equipment and construction materials. They will be back on site in a few weeks to clean up the mixed debris in the lower parking lot when it has completely melted. Once plants become available, they will also add the required plantings along the creek edges.

The City sewer relining project is nearing completion, as they reline the final stretch of pipe. They have started the restoration by removing some access roads on the 14th, 16th, and 18th holes. DGR Excavating is a golf construction contractor the Club was allowed to select to undertake the restoration work, and they will begin next Monday. DGR has worked with Islington in the recent past, and we have a lot of confidence in their ability to restore the golf course to the condition it was in prior to the construction. The restoration is entirely funded by the City of Toronto.

The restoration work will involve mechanically removing all of the remaining stone and debris where the access roads were. They will then strip the turf from the access roads and dispose of the material. Subsequently, they will till and prep these areas for new sod. We plan on being ready for sod as soon as it’s available, which given the cool long range forecast, might be mid to late April. The agreement with the City is for restoration to be completed by April 20, but that could be impacted by weather and sod availability.

KCM, the construction company that built our new greens in 2014, is now on site and has started to build the new 18th green. With good weather last week they were able to get a head start on construction. They have shaped the new cavity where the green will be located, as well as some fine tuning excavation work around the entire green site and cart path area. The next step for the green will be installing the drainage, pea gravel, and sand mix. They have also started stripping the sod and topsoil where the new fairway bunkers will be located on the left side of the fairway.

The new forward tee on #10 will also be part of KCM’s scope of work. Since the creek has moved where the old tee used to be, the new tee will be re-positioned slightly more to the centre of the hole. We will be making the new tee a little bit larger than the old one to allow for better wear management and more options. The 10th hole from the new forward tee will play about the same distance as it did before.

The new 18th hole design will be a very strategic and memorable finishing hole. It has been exciting watching it take shape over the winter months, and we look forward to seeing the final stages come together.

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent