Course Update for June 9, 2017

This week’s scheduled aerification went very well. We were able to get just enough dry weather to get everything done. This included pulling cores on greens, tees, and approaches in order to control the organic layer and replace it with sand.

These processes are very beneficial and they allow us to provide exceptional conditions for the summer months. As beneficial as they are, there is a recovery period where the playing conditions won’t be quite as good as they have been. It’s important to simply let the grass grow in order for it to heal up properly, therefore there will be visible sand and the greens will be slower. They will progress every day, and our goal is to have them back in good condition in 7-10 days. (photo below)

This week we were also able to get the laneway soiled and most of it sodded. It’s critical to keep sod wet after it gets put down. This allows for the roots to push down and the sod to get established. It is very important that we keep the carts off the sod until it gets established therefore we have installed traffic control stakes along the entire laneway. We would ask that players using carts to please stay on their respective holes and walk across to play their shot. We will install an area approximately half way down the laneway, where walkers with pull carts can cross. Please use the designated areas to cross. (photo below)

It looks like we are finally getting some nice summer weather over the weekend and going forward, so I hope many of you can come out and enjoy the course.

Andre Aymar
Golf Course Superintendent