Course Update for June 29, 2018

With hot temperatures on their way, we will place an extra water filling station on the 15th tee for the long weekend. Please enjoy the weather safely and stay hydrated.

Hot, humid weather is ideal for disease development. Providing high performance turf while under such adverse conditions requires us to be strategic with our practices and defense tactics to help the greens battle the weather. Weekly venting (aerating) on the greens is one practice that has worked very well for us. You may have noticed the small holes at the surface of some of the greens earlier in the week. Allowing air to move through the surface and into the root zone allows the plant to breath. This is essential for the plant. Here is a photo of the small holes around the cup. The photo also shows an underground view of the air channel that allows air to move from the surface through the organic layer and into the root zone.

Have a great long weekend.

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent