Course Update for June 26, 2015

By June 26, 2015Divots, Rain

June is coming to an end and the course has been very busy. For the most part everything is holding up to the wear. But with 6” of rain so far this month the greens are playing a little soft. Even on sand base greens that amount of rain doesn’t allow the top to dry down quick enough. On the young greens with little structure or no thatch, rain is making them quite susceptible to ball marking. So the only way to help alleviate the scaring and keep the greens healthy is to fix your ball marks. With the amount of play recently I have noticed lots of ball marks not being repaired, and it is unfortunate that it isn’t the #1 thought after you walk on to the green. Every unrepaired ball mark leaves a void allowing poa to germinate. I am doing my best to keep the greens as firm as I can but with the rain we need to work together to keep the greens free of poa. With another 2” of rain in the forecast for this upcoming weekend, let’s take the time to recognize how fragile the new greens are and do our best to repair our ball marks.

Need a quick review: IGC Ball Mark Repair Video  USGA Ball Mark Repair Video

Have a great weekend,

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent