Course Update for June 22, 2018

With some fantastic weather as of late, it has been great to see many members enjoying the property. This time of year I always like to emphasize how important it is to regularly practice good golf etiquette. By taking the time to do the little things, such as fixing your ballmarks, filling your divots, and raking the sandtraps, you can make a big difference in the overall presentation of the course and its playability.

Please see this USGA link for more details on bunker etiquette.

Poa Management
With some of the Poa seedheads noticeable over the past couple weeks, I have been asked what we do to manage Poa on the greens and if the Poa is a concern. The Poa population on our greens is extremely low and not a concern. However, managing against Poa to preserve the quality of our new Bentgrass greens is one of our main focuses. Here are a few of our key strategies.

• Keep them as dry as possible (Poa likes wet conditions)
• Minimal fertility (Poa like lots)
• Leave the greens exposed in the winter (Poa doesn’t like winter)
• Physical removal (hand pick)

Have a great weekend.

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent