Course Update for June 16, 2017

This week has been a good recovery week for the greens. Last weekend was very hot, therefore we had to be very cautious for the greens not to dry out. This can set back the aerification recovery process. Through hand watering techniques and close monitoring we were able to manage through the heat quite effectively, and the holes have noticeably filled in very well. Although some of the holes are still visible, they are well on their way to full recovery, and the greens are already rolling much smoother. (Photo below)

We have installed a bottle filler on the new fountain at the 4th hole. This will make filling bottles quicker and easier as we anticipate the summer heat. We will also be installing a bottle filler on the new fountain on the 14th hole. (Photo below)

It was great to see everybody out here last weekend enjoying the nice weather. Hopefully this weekend will be more of the same.

Andre Aymar
Golf Course Superintendent