Course Update for June 15, 2018

Course Update: New 18th Hole
I think it’s safe to say that there has been a good level excitement around the new creek design and some of the golf course changes including the forward tee on the 10th and the changes to the 18th. I hope everyone has been able to enjoy the fantastic new vistas from the clubhouse or the patio.

Lately, surrounding the excitement of the new 18th hole, I have been asked when I think the bunkers on the 18th hole, the forward tee on the 10th hole and the new green on the 18th hole will open. I am pleased to announce that both the forward tee on the 10th hole and the bunkers on the 18th hole will be ready and open for play on Tuesday, June 19.

The new green on the 18th hole will require more patience as the growing in of a new green takes several months. Even though the green looks very green and full from afar, it is still quite sparse which is completely normal for this stage.

The process to take a new green from seed to opening takes approximately three and a half months. We seeded the new 18th green in mid May. A great benchmark to use as a comparable is the 15th green. The 15th green was seeded at approximately the same time in May of 2014. The 15th green, after a great summer for turf growth, was opened on September 5, 2014. We anticipate that the new 18th green will have a similar timeline based on favorable weather but at this point it is only speculation. Only time will tell when it is completely ready for opening and we want to ensure that we only open it once it is 100% ready. We will gladly inform everyone on the progress as it occurs throughout the summer.

Here are a few of the key agronomic factors that have to be reached before the green can open for play.

  • Canopy density (full coverage of the green surface with no gaps)
  • ½ inch organic layer (approximately ½ inch of an organic based layer is required for the grass to be resilient to traffic and golf shots, this layer creates a protective buffer for the plant)
  • Minimum 6 inch root depth (bentgrass roots are vital for its survival and a minimum of a 6 inch root mass is required before it can handle stress from play)

Back Nine Starts on Tuesdays
Every Tuesday starting next week until Labour Day weekend, golf will be started off the 10th tee. When the days are long and golf rounds are at their highest, our greens on the front nine get much more wear than the back nine. Shifting the wear to the back nine once a week will help us alleviate some of the extra stress and allow us to provide a more consistent product on all 18 holes.

Have a great weekend,

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent