Course Update for June 1, 2018

The golf course will be closed on Monday, June 4 and Tuesday, June 5 for aerification. The short game area and the practice area by the #5 hole will also be closed on Monday and Tuesday for maintenance.

Throughout the golf season, the greens produce an organic layer that can accumulate very quickly. This can become very problematic as organic matter acts like a sponge and keeps the surface wet and soft. This puts the greens at higher risk for disease and other turf injury. It also creates a bad putting surface. This is why aerifying is essential. By removing some of the organic layer and replacing it with sand, we are letting water and air move down through the surface and allowing for healthier, firmer greens.

Maple Keys
It is that time of year when all the silver maples are dropping their keys. We will do our very best to clean up as many of the keys as possible, but it is almost certain that if the wind comes up, some areas will be contaminated through the day.

18th Green

The new 18th green is progressing very nicely. Today we rolled the green for the first time with an 18-inch walk behind mower that we have set up specifically for the initial part of the grow-in process. We will be putting the first cut on it early next week.

New Bunkers on #18
The two new bunkers on the 18th hole are still playing as ground under repair and are painted white. They will remain as a G.U.R. until the sod has matured enough that we can remove the bunker boards, tamp the edges, and add more sand. The bunkers should be ready for play within the next two weeks.

Have a great weekend,

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent