Course Update for July 6, 2018

What a beautiful day to finish off the work week. Some good temperatures and a nice breeze have given the golf course and the staff some relief from what has been a really hot stretch. I’m very pleased with how the golf course has handled the heat so far. The rain last night was good for the course and gives it a nice break from the heat for a couple days.

Through the really hot days, there is no doubt that you have seen our team on the course watering with hoses. An irrigation system, no matter how good, will never emulate rain as even the best systems in the world cannot provide 100% coverage.

After any period of time without adequate rain, hand watering becomes an essential practice.

Here are a few of the key intentions:
• Water areas on tees, fairways and roughs that do not get any/enough water from irrigation
• Morning watering on the greens to water specific dry areas only (keeps greens firmer)
• Afternoon watering on the greens to cool the surface under extreme heat or drying conditions

All of these hand watering techniques help us provide great day-to-day playing conditions while keeping the turf healthy. Here is a USGA video with more details on the benefits of hand watering.

Have a great weekend.

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent