Course Update for July 24, 2015

As we make our way into August the course overall is playing and looking great. Tees, fairways, and roughs have all filled in nicely and are showing minimal signs of wear. In a few more weeks it will be the middle of August, when night-time temperatures stay cool and daylight hours are shorter, allowing stressed turf to finally recover.

Over the last week I heard numerous members wondering if #10 green is going to survive. I didn’t think installing a fan on a green would cause this much discussion, but I am happy to tell you everything is fine. When trying to balance the fine line from maturing a green with minimal play to maturing a green with significant play, areas that have the slightest bit of shade or inadequate air circulation can slow down the maturing process of the turf. As you can see by the photo of #10 taken in June at 8:00 a.m. (photo 1) and the photo of #10 at 5:00 pm (photo 2), significant shade is covering the right side of the green. I completed some minor tree work in July, and as you can see by the photo, I have corrected the problem created by the morning sun. Shade isn’t the only factor for #10 (photo 3); by moving the green closer to the creek bank we have reduced the air circulation to the turf canopy. I am being proactive by using the large fan to create air circulation during the warm days of July. Then in the winter we will complete the necessary tree work to create the needed airflow. Here is a photo of #10 green today (photo 4) showing the health of the green. Over the next week the corners of the approaches on #2 and #10 will be repaired, so please obey the directional posts.

As I have mentioned throughout the season, the greens are maturing nicely. It takes a long time with seeded greens to create a mat layer that gives the turf the protection to withstand wear and ballmarks. I have included links to the USGA and Club videos demonstrating the proper way to repair a ballmark. Please repair your ballmarks and help minimize the recovery time on the new greens.

IGC Ball Mark Repair Video  USGA Ball Mark Repair Video

Have a great weekend!

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent