Course Update for January 15, 2018

Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone had a cheerful and safe holiday.The first few weeks of winter have brought us some interesting weather with significant snow cover and very frigid temperatures, and the latter part of last week delivered record-breaking spring-like temperatures and rain to melt the snow.

Some of you may wonder how all this impacts the golf course.

Fortunately, our new Bentgrass greens are very well equipped to withstand the challenges of this weather. Bentgrass is much more tolerant than poa. It can handle both direct cold temperatures and ice cover. The blanket of snow we’ve had on the ground has also been beneficial by creating a nice buffer of insulation for the turf.

We started some tree pruning as part of our annual tree maintenance program. This year we are trying a slightly new technique: instead of transporting all the tree materials to designated staging locations before they are processed, we will be chipping the tree materials where they have been cut. We will do this by chipping them directly into a trailer and then hauling the woodchips away. Our goal is to make the process more efficient. Our team is rigging up the trailer for the woodchips. (see photos below)

Our team has also been busy in the shop, taking advantage of the really cold weather to work inside to get most of our course furniture painted and ready for the spring. (see photo below)

Have a great week.

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent