Course Update for August 14, 2013

We have made great progress with the construction over the last four days, and with the long range forecast looking positive we should make some great strides over the next two weeks. Since items are moving forward at a rapid pace I wanted to give the membership another quick update.

11 so dcomplete

#11 green has now been graded, bluegrass sod has been laid around the green, and the new bentgrass seed has been applied. With the cool nights and warm days, the green should be germinated within the next 10-14 days. The roughs on the 11th hole are almost complete, and by the end of the week the sod should be completed on #11, 15, 16, and 17.

8 bunker liner

The bunkers on #8 have been graded, drained and the new bunker liner will be installed in all the bunkers by day’s end. Soil will then be added around the new bunkers with the goal of having the entire hole completed by Friday.

10 bunker rebuild

The rebuilding of bunkers on #10 has now begun; yesterday the topsoil was roto-tilled and stockpiled for finish grading. The bulk shaping should be completed by today with the goal of starting the drainage at the end of the week. The goal will be to finish sodding this hole by the end of next week. Part of the rebuilding of this hole will be moving the cart path from the creek bank to the top of the hole, an item of the long range master plan. There are some erosion concerns on the bank below the existing cart path, causing the edges of the path to break off. The only solution is to move the path.

Again I want to remind everyone that at certain times holes will be played shorter by either moving the tees forward or putting the pin in the middle of the fairway, this allows work to be completed faster which in return gets the hole open for play quicker. Please follow cart signs and ropes since a significant amount of new sod has been laid. The sod is maintained wetter than normal to help promote rooting, and if driven through causes significant damage.

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent