With the Masters behind us, I know we are all getting amped up and excited for the season. However, the weather hasn’t let up, and we still haven’t seen any turf growth.

It is still too early to forecast when the course will be ready for opening. It is very much weather dependent.

Our bentgrass greens have proven yet again that they overwinter very well, even under harsh winter weather. Part of the reason why bentgrass is so resilient is because it goes through a lengthy physiological preparation in the fall. Call it hibernation for grass (turf dormancy). Bentgrass is much more resilient than Poa, and that’s why its survival rate is much better. Naturally, since bentgrass takes longer to go dormant in the fall, it also takes a bit longer for it to come out of dormancy in the spring. Therefore, it is common to take a little longer to open the golf course in the spring compared to a few years ago when we had poa greens.

Key factors that will trigger turf growth:
• Day Length/Sun Exposure (sunny days)
• Consistent Daytime Temperatures above 10ºC
• Consistent Night Time Temperatures above 1ºC
• Soil Temperatures above 8º

Project Update

City Sewer Project
The City sewer work is well into its final stages. Over the next couple of days there is some final work to be completed on the manholes by the 15th green and 11th fairway. Simultaneously, the contractors will be removing the access roads and bypass pipes from the 15th green to the 18th tee. They are also preparing for the removal of the temporary bridge. We are pleased to see that the final stages of the project are wrapping up and restoration is underway.

Creek Erosion Project
Although weather has been challenging over the last week, KCM continues to make good progress on the new 18th green construction. This week they were able to install the gravel layer and the greens mix. They have also completed the shaping on the new fairway bunkers and have shaped the new forward tee on #10.

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent