Course Update for August 12, 2016

Will it ever rain? I stopped asking myself that question a couple weeks ago after I came to the realization that one rain will not be enough. We need a couple days of rain. Until then we continue to water with hoses and stretch our irrigation intervals out as long as we can. The biggest need for the turf is for the humidity to drop for a few days for the turf to get some recovery. When it is this humid for long stretches the turf stays damp at the surface and that is when the wear and tear begins, so a break in the humidity and high temperatures will be better than a rain.

The city averages 14 days with temperatures in the 30s through the summer. As of today, we have had 30 days. It has been a long, hot summer for grass. Take a look at the parks and lawns around the neighbourhood, and you won’t see much green turf. We use a simple analogy for turf: if we are tired and getting worn out in this heat and need the occasional break, than the turf does as well. Over the next week or two and to help manage the turf through this high stress period, we will be monitoring our mowing heights and schedules to give the greens some needed relief.

In all, the course is doing well. We have some small sodium induced stress on a couple of greens and some worn down traffic stress on a few fairways. But, for the most part, the turf is looking great and is setting up for a quick recovery when the weather breaks.

Enjoy the weekend!

Ian McQueen, Course Superintendent