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Course Update for July 7, 2017

It seems like it has been a long time coming but we finally got a great week of sunny weather. It was a good week for our team as the course finally dried up and we got caught up on some much needed mowing. With the peak of the summer around the corner and warmer days ahead, we are starting to prep the younger trees for the summer stress. This week we were able to start building tree wells at the bottom of the trees with shredded mulch. (see photo below) The tree wells along with a little fertilizer and…
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Course Update for August 31, 2012

I have been asked numerous times over the last couple of weeks what are the green bags around the new trees. They are called Tree Gators, a slow release watering system for newly planted trees with no runoff or evaporation. They are easy to set-up and fill, reduce transplant and drought shock, have no runoff, and allow for deep watering which promotes ideal root growth. They use approximately 20 gallons of water and require filling on a weekly basis. Another great benefit of the bags is the ability to add slow release fertilizer to the water to promote growth and…
August 31, 2012