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Course Update for May 4, 2018

What a fantastic opening few days. It was great to see many of you out here enjoying the nice, sunny days on Tuesday and Wednesday. The golf course itself is progressing each day, and we hope it will be a nice weekend for the Ladies' and Men’s opening events. With the late start to the season, we are playing catch up on many of our maintenance practices, but our crew has been working very hard to tidy up the property and have the golf course playing well. Over the last week, we have filled many divots on the golf course,…
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Course Update for March 29, 2018

Construction Update Since the last update two weeks ago, we have yet to see any turf starting to come out of dormancy. It has been quite cool and the next couple of weeks (with the exception of the odd day here and there) don’t look a whole lot better. We'll anxiously await some better temperatures to allow for some turf growth. Nevertheless, the past two weeks have been very productive. The creek work is now complete. The new bridge has been put in place and the new cart path has been installed. R&M, the construction company doing the creek work…
March 29, 2018

Course Update for June 14, 2013

Aerification It has been just over seven days since we completed the greens aerification on the golf course. The turf has recovered very well and the greens are in good health going into the stressful summer months. Some things to remember during the 10- to 14-day healing process of a greens aerification are that greens will be soft until the holes completely grow over and the puffiness caused by pulling a core settles back down. We help this process along with numerous sand topdressings. During this time the greens will be bumpier and a bit slower because of the inconsistency…
June 14, 2013

Course Update for October 26, 2012

Weather permitting the construction of the new forward tee on #10 will begin in the next two weeks. The tee is part of the long range course master plan designed by Ian Andrew. Ian Andrew was on the property a couple of weeks ago to discuss the need for larger tees to control wear and to discuss some future tee renovation plans proposed for 2013. The forward tee on #10 was something Ian felt would alleviate some wear from the back tee but give a great option for a different look and angle of play from the other side of…
October 26, 2012