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Course Update April 20, 2018

It is still too early to forecast a course opening date. With some encouraging weather coming our way, we will have a much better idea of where we stand by early next week. Below are photos that show a comparison between April 19 of last year (one day before course opening) and this year. At the moment we are several days behind last year’s conditions. This week has been a challenging week. In preparation for the start of the season, our "TO-DO LIST" is quite long and it has been difficult to sit back and wait for the snow to…
April 20, 2018

Course Update for January 15, 2018

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a cheerful and safe holiday.The first few weeks of winter have brought us some interesting weather with significant snow cover and very frigid temperatures, and the latter part of last week delivered record-breaking spring-like temperatures and rain to melt the snow. Some of you may wonder how all this impacts the golf course. Fortunately, our new Bentgrass greens are very well equipped to withstand the challenges of this weather. Bentgrass is much more tolerant than poa. It can handle both direct cold temperatures and ice cover. The blanket of snow we've had on the ground has…
January 15, 2018