Course Update for May 18, 2018

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The golf course has come a long way in the last couple of weeks. We are finally getting some pretty consistent growing temperatures. Greens, tees, fairways and roughs are all starting to green up and we are starting to ramp up course playability for the season.

All of the big construction areas have now been sodded. As seen below the 14th hole was the last one to be done. As the sod matures over the next couple of weeks, there will be many newly sodded areas. We ask that you please be careful not to drive through any of these areas as it can cause significant damage and delay the restoration process. Over the course of the last week, we have still witnessed some cart damage within roped areas. All areas will be roped off and marked accordingly.

The new 18th green was seeded last Friday, May 11. Here are some pictures of the step by step process required to properly seed a green. The seed germinated today, therefore over the weekend we should start seeing a bit of a green tinge on it.

Step 1: Float the green with a light weight brush to smooth and level the green
Step 2: Fertilize with starter fertilizer and rake in with a steel fan rake, rake teeth facing down
Step 3: Seed the green with a drop seeder, a properly calibrated seeder is essential
Step 4: Water the seed lightly and frequently to ensure that the seed never goes dry

City Sewer Project
The restoration is almost complete. Some small sod repairs and path repairs are remaining and should be done within the next couple of weeks.

Creek Erosion Project
The plantings are now complete. Only some minor mulching is left and should be completed early next week.

Have a great weekend,

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent

Course Update for May 4, 2018

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What a fantastic opening few days. It was great to see many of you out here enjoying the nice, sunny days on Tuesday and Wednesday. The golf course itself is progressing each day, and we hope it will be a nice weekend for the Ladies’ and Men’s opening events. With the late start to the season, we are playing catch up on many of our maintenance practices, but our crew has been working very hard to tidy up the property and have the golf course playing well.

Over the last week, we have filled many divots on the golf course, but seed is not germinating yet. Therefore the short game area will remain closed until further notice. The chipping area by the 5th hole is open in the meantime.

8th/10th Tee
With the new bridge location on the 10th hole, the general flow of traffic around the 8th/10th tee has slightly changed. Golf carts will have to use the driveway to access the new bridge. To make traffic flow as smooth as possible in that area, our plan is to designate a specific route for walkers along the front of the 10th tee so they can get to the new bridge without having to walk around the entire tee complex. This route will include a small, walk-only path on the hill that goes down to the bridge. Until the path is installed and sod is established on the hill, all walkers will have to walk around. We hope to be installing the sod and the path next week.

Creek Erosion Project
As required by the TRCA, plantings along the creek and other select areas of the property will start on Monday. The plantings will include perennials, shrubs and some trees. We were able to negotiate with the TRCA to prevent tree plantings that would impact the wonderful vistas from the clubhouse towards the 10th green.

City Sewer Project
The restoration team has been doing a very good job prepping all the construction areas for sod. The prep work is an important process that has to be done correctly or it will compromise the quality of the turf long term. Weather depending, they will start laying sod at the beginning of next week. During the sodding process, we will be using temporary tees on some holes, when needed for the safety of the workers and to make the sodding process much more efficient. We will post at the first tee the expected changes for each day. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience during the restoration process.

Have a great weekend,

Andre Aymar, Course Superintendent

Course Update for August 18, 2017

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The indication of a wet season has continued to show its effects on fairways and tees with a high visible number of divots. Every day our team works diligently to fill divots but a lot of credit also has to be given to the membership, as I have noticed they have been doing a very good job as well. The conditions this time of year are perfect for seed germination and divot recovery. The temperatures are warm with relatively high humidity. We are noticing seed germination in as little as 4 days. (see photo below)

You might even notice that our team is filling divots and bare spots in roughs to help fill in some areas. The mix that we use in the roughs is a very similar divot mix but it is not to be mistaken with the mix that we put in the bottles. The mix in the bottles is Bentgrass and it can be used on fairways and tees ONLY. (We recommend saving for use on fairways.) The mix we use in the roughs is Bluegrass (see photo below). If we were to use the wrong mix in the roughs they would become contaminated and inconsistent.

We are still witnessing a number of scuff marks on the greens during the day. I just want to reiterate how important it is for everyone to lift their feet. Please be cautious and aware of how you walk on the greens and how you may address the ball or execute a stroke. Damage caused by aggressive foot traffic not only compromises the consistency of the putting surface, but it also damages the turf.

Have a great weekend.

Andre Aymar
Golf Course Superintendent