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Course Update for June 23, 2017

The golf course received a lot of rain throughout Thursday night and again this morning. There are several fairway spots and many bunkers that are still underwater. The roughs are completely saturated. Due to these conditions, there will be no carts for today. If you intend to use a cart on the weekend, please check with the Golf Shop first to verify their availability. Although our team tried to prep the course this morning, there was little we could do. The course will be wet and messy for the duration of the day. We will be working hard to have everything back in…
June 23, 2017

Course Update for May 5, 2017

It has no doubt been a wet spring so far. We have seen significant rainfall over the last week or so, and it looks like it is going to continue for at least another day. On average, in Toronto, we receive 63 mL of rain in April. This year we got 121 mL. In May, we typically receive about 73 ml of rain and in the first 5 days of the month we have already had 45 mL. The golf course has now become unplayable as the entire property is completely saturated and there is standing water everywhere. Therefore, I have recommended that it is…

Course Update for August 19, 2016

The rain dances have finally paid off. It was a long time coming, but we received approximately two inches of rain over the weekend and start of the week. The rain has done wonders for the property. It’s what we call a reset button. The sodium build up in the greens from lack of rain has pushed through the green cavity and the turf has a vibrant green colour to them. The heat spots throughout the fairways and roughs have begun to recover, and it looks like we were able to minimize the damage with the constant use of hand…
August 19, 2016

Course Update for June 26, 2015

June is coming to an end and the course has been very busy. For the most part everything is holding up to the wear. But with 6” of rain so far this month the greens are playing a little soft. Even on sand base greens that amount of rain doesn’t allow the top to dry down quick enough. On the young greens with little structure or no thatch, rain is making them quite susceptible to ball marking. So the only way to help alleviate the scaring and keep the greens healthy is to fix your ball marks. With the amount…
June 26, 2015

Course Update for June 19, 2015

It has been a wet start to June. In the last three weeks the course received over 125mm of rain. This amount of rain helps in a few ways: seed establishment in damaged areas, consistent stand of rough, and a full irrigation reservoir. But along with those benefits from rain, there are also the difficult areas with too much rain, ballmarks, and divots. The new greens are still young, with no significant thatch layer to help with ballmarks. Even though the greens are sand based, significant rainfalls over extended periods of time do not allow surfaces to dry down, resulting…
June 19, 2015