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Course Update for October 14, 2015

Cultural Practices The turf team has been busy this past week completing numerous cultural practices. On October 5 we solid tyned all the greens and applied a heavy sand topdressing. This will create a mat layer to help with the maturing process of the new bentgrass greens and smooth out the surfaces to allow for a truer ball roll. I will be sand topdressing every seven days this fall to try and get the greens as dense and mature as possible going into the winter months. This will provide a more consistent putting surface next season. At the end of…
October 14, 2015
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Course Update for August 15, 2014

The machines have left the property! I am excited to say the construction company has removed all the large pieces of machinery offsite and are now finished. The remaining sod on the new practice facility will be completed today, leaving only the asphalt paving and curbing to be completed sometime in the next couple of weeks. Overall the greens have been growing in nicely, 14 of the 17 greens have now been mowed and are all at different stages of maturity. The crew started removing bunker boards this week and have begun tamping and leveling the sand. The remaining construction…
September 2, 2014
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Course Update for August 1, 2014

Construction The last green—the putting green—was seeded Thursday morning to wrap up the greens rebuild project. The remaining work on the practice facility will be completed at the end of next week. The last and most important step in the project is the grow-in. This takes time and numerous inputs to allow us to lower the mowing heights so they will be ready for play in the spring of 2015. One of the main inputs is sand; each green will receive between 5-8 skids of bag topdressing sand in the next six weeks. This procedure gives the new grass blades…
August 6, 2014