Course Update for May 27, 2016

It didn’t take long to go from winter dormancy to summer dormancy—only a week. The hot weather has come and certain areas of the golf course, particularly the roughs, have been slow to fill in. But with the humidity and frequent rain showers, the roughs will become thick and lush over the next couple of weeks. Other signs of drought have been visible on a few tee decks. Areas like #4 tee where 1 of the 3 sprinklers that irrigate that tee had a burnt solenoid and wouldn’t turn on. When the weather is cool it isn’t a problem, but…

Course Update for May 13, 2016

The weather over the last couple weeks has helped the turf begin to grow through the winter desiccation. The roughs are finally starting to bounce back and the minor winter damage has almost all disappeared. Fairways and tees are filling in nicely and the greens are rounding into shape for a great season ahead. The greens are starting to mature, becoming denser and firmer, but I would like to remind everyone one of the key practices to minimize poa encroachment is to repair your ballmark. By repairing your ballmark you eliminate a void for the poa to establish, this is…

Course Update for April 20, 2015

Over the last two weeks the weather has been on our side. With the warmer temperatures and timely rains the turf has started to grow. If you haven’t been on the property in the last seven days you will notice a significant green-up throughout the course. The last 18 months have probably felt like a lifetime for everyone, not being able to play the full course for different reasons. But with your patience and support to bringing the greens at Islington to a new level, I am excited to say the golf course will open for play on all 18…
April 20, 2015

Course Update for May 13, 2013

It has been a long and busy month for the Turf Department with some projects coming to a close. The new tees on #2 and 13 were opened for play yesterday and have grown-in nicely. I will keep the height of cut a little higher and the ground moist for a few more weeks to help the sod mature. We have aerated the tees twice and plan on aerating them another five times throughout the year to help break down the layer that is created with new sod. Paving will be completed first week of June, bringing the tee projects…

Course Update for May 24, 2013

As our greens here at Islington are very old, they are predominantly occupied with annual bluegrass, or as most in the industry would call it, “Poana” or “Poa”. As an annual plant, every spring—as a survival mechanism—it produces seedheads. This process will last on average between 2-3 weeks. During this period the seeds are very visible on the greens as they are white and dense, and they will negatively affect the greens’ smoothness and putting speed. There is very little you can do about seedhead production other than mechanically removing some of them with mowers or verticutters. Although it is very important not…

Course Update for July 27, 2012

It has been a few weeks since my last course report but with an inch of rain and some cooler temperatures, I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on the health of the poa putting greens and some upcoming maintenance procedures we will be completing to alleviate some stress the greens have been under. Over the last few weeks the poa greens have been struggling to survive in these high/humid temperatures, and some thinning of turf has occurred. The team has been in defensive mode, babysitting and nursing the poa to reduce the amount of turf…
July 27, 2012

Course Update for July 20, 2012

An interesting read on the USGA site, offering an update on poa and bentgrass greens in the Northeast. “…And The Fans Went Wild!” By David A. Oatis, director, Northeast Region  At many courses, a distinct pattern is starting to become all too prevalent. Greens with restricted air movement across their surfaces invariably have the weakest turf found on the course. This sometimes painfully illustrates the impact poor growing environments can have on turf performance. This is another season where the value of fans is being demonstrated in numerous locations. Fans cool turf and dry it out. Using an infrared thermometers,…
July 20, 2012