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18th HoleOrganic LayerRoot Zone

Course Update for July 20, 2018

Progress Report on the 18th Green The new 18th green continues to improve each week. Here are a few of the key agronomic factors that we use as benchmarks before the green would open for play: 1) Canopy density (full coverage of the green surface with no gaps) 2) Minimum 6-inch root depth (bentgrass roots are vital for its survival and a minimum 6-inch root mass is required before it can handle stress from play) 3) 1/2-inch organic layer (approximately 1/2 inch of an organic based layer is required for the grass to be resilient to traffic and golf shots;…
July 20, 2018
AerificationOrganic LayerRoot Zone

Course Update for September 1, 2017

The golf course will be closed Tuesday, Sept. 5 and Wednesday, Sept. 6 for our scheduled aerification. I thought this might be a good time to briefly review why we aerate and why it is essential for us to do so. As turf grows through the season, it continually generates new shoots and roots to replace the older ones that aren’t effective anymore. This creates a layer of decaying organics at the surface. This organic layer becomes problematic very quickly. Photo: This subsurface image of the green profile shows accumulating organics in the top inch.  It has a slightly darker…
September 1, 2017