Course Update for May 26, 2017

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The course is closed for aeration on Monday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 6.

The rain continues. A wet spring seems to be the highlight of every conversation I have lately. The conditions this weekend might be a little bit more difficult than average, as we were not able to cut grass yesterday or today due to the amount of rain. Our team has been working hard today to make the golf course as tidy and as playable as possible.

We will be installing a base coat of asphalt on our maintenance road today. This is step two of a three-step process. The first step was to prepare the gravel base and address any areas that might be of concern. This was completed a couple of weeks ago. Next we install an asphalt base coat of two inches and leave it in place for the remainder of this season. This allows us to assess any other areas that may be slightly weaker and fix them before the final coat. The final coat will be applied in the spring of next year. It will be an additional 2 inches of topcoat asphalt. The road widened over the years, so we will be narrowing it to 14 feet. This is still wide enough for our equipment and dump trucks to access our maintenance yard. We will be grading and sodding the edges of the road to tie it in to the existing rough. (see photo below)

Today we will also be planting more annuals around the clubhouse. Our main focus will be planting the pots at the entrance and the patio island. The island will take some time to mature, as all annuals do, but once it completely fills in it will look fantastic. (see photo below)

Have a great weekend,

Andre Aymar
Golf Course Superintendent

Course Update for May 19, 2017

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It has been a long time coming but we finally had some nice warm temperatures this week. The warmth increases temperatures and microbial activity in the soil, which helps with plant growth. Therefore, we will be planting some of our perennials around the patio today. The annuals for this season will be planted once the tulips are done blooming. We’ve received positive feedback on our red and white theme around the main entrance as part of our planting plan to celebrate Canada’s 150th. Some of the patio plantings will have a similar theme. (see photo below)

This week we sodded around the new washrooms and have done a couple of wear areas on the golf course. It’s very important to keep sod wet for a number of days after it is laid, so we have roped off these areas to prevent any cart traffic. (see photo below)

It has been brought to my attention that there is still some confusion about where to use divot mix. Filling your divots on the golf course is common golf etiquette. Not only does it preserve the playability of the golf course for anybody playing behind you, but it also really helps the recovery time for that divot to heal and fill in. It is, however, really important to use the divot mix in the right locations. The divot mix provided in the bottles is ONLY for use on fairways and tees. Tee divots are in a more concentrated area and it is much easier for our team to fill these divots daily. On the other hand, fairway divots are much more scattered. That’s why we recommend that you save the divot mix for use on fairways. This way you have less of a chance of running out and more fairway divots get filled. For walkers who don’t have bottles, divots should simply be replaced.


Just as a reminder, this weekend is a long weekend, so our turf team will have a maintenance day on Tuesday instead of the holiday Monday. Maintenance days are extremely important for us because we use the extra time to catch up on some cultural programs to ensure we can keep the greens healthy on a weekly basis. Maintenance day tee times start at 9 AM.

Tuesday will also be next week’s scheduled back nine start. We will have continued scheduled back nine starts throughout the season to help alleviate some of the extra traffic and wear that the front nine greens receives.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Andre Aymar
Golf Course Superintendent