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Course Update for May 18, 2018

The golf course has come a long way in the last couple of weeks. We are finally getting some pretty consistent growing temperatures. Greens, tees, fairways and roughs are all starting to green up and we are starting to ramp up course playability for the season. All of the big construction areas have now been sodded. As seen below the 14th hole was the last one to be done. As the sod matures over the next couple of weeks, there will be many newly sodded areas. We ask that you please be careful not to drive through any of these…
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Course Update for May 12, 2017

The short game area will be officially open Saturday the morning of May 13. This year it took a little bit longer because of the cooler temperatures. Now that the bentgrass seed is germinating, the short game area will be able to recover from the traffic. With all the rain from last weekend, it has shown where we have deficiencies in our drainage. On an older property like this one, fixing and/or adding drains can be very time consuming and take a lot of planning. We will certainly do our very best to address some of these areas. This week we were…
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Course Update for August 12, 2016

Will it ever rain? I stopped asking myself that question a couple weeks ago after I came to the realization that one rain will not be enough. We need a couple days of rain. Until then we continue to water with hoses and stretch our irrigation intervals out as long as we can. The biggest need for the turf is for the humidity to drop for a few days for the turf to get some recovery. When it is this humid for long stretches the turf stays damp at the surface and that is when the wear and tear begins,…
August 12, 2016
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15th Hole Grand Opening

The 15th hole officially opened today. The rebuild of the 15th started last November with the clearing of trees around the old green complex and the realignment of the creek over the winter months. A late spring delayed the start of the golf construction, but with some long hours by the construction company we were able to finish seeding the green complex at the end of May. The new hole is definitely a dramatic change, and I hope everyone enjoys it. I was joined by Ladies' Captain Sandy Zajac, Life Member John Tyers, and Vice-Captain George Mitchell for the ribbon…
September 8, 2014
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Course Update for May 12, 2012

On the Course This last week has been an excellent week for the turf. Warm temperatures, timely rains, a dream in the life of a Golf Course Superintendent! During the week the team has been finishing some ongoing bunker work; the fairway bunker on #2 has been leveled and topped up with new sand to establish the right depths throughout the bunker. In addition, we have removed some bunker matting and added new sand to the bunker on the right of #8 green. Over the next few weeks proper sand depths are going to be the focus with the turf…