Course Update for June 10, 2016

A successful week I would say. The course was closed Monday and Tuesday for the turf department to complete some beneficial cultural practices. The turf team started aerating on Sunday night to get ahead of the dryject machines (see photo) that began on Monday. The entire process on greens took 2.5 days to complete. It entailed core aerification, sand topdressing, matting, dryjecting, hand brushing and finally numerous rolls with a heavy duty roller. Approximately 60 tons of sand was put on the greens surfaces. This is to dilute the thatch build-up which helps with water penetration and allows oxygen into the rootzone.…
June 10, 2016

Course Update for June 3, 2016

It is that time of year when we take a couple days and try to implement as many beneficial cultural practices as possible. On Monday, June 6 and Tuesday, June 7 the course will be closed for aerification. This year we will be trying to incorporate as much sand into the top 3” of the rootzone as possible. By doing this we will dilute the thatch layer and incorporate some fine sand to help maintain the firmness of the surface. This will create channels for oxygen to get down through the surface and create a nice mat layer of root…