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Course Update for May 11, 2018

The short game area will open for the season on Saturday, May 12, and open at 7:30am on weekdays and 6:30am on weekends. The 7:30am start during the week will help our team coordinate the required maintenance on the short game area in a more effective and safe manner. So far, this spring has been interesting, to say the least. Between the construction, the ice storm, and two wind storms, there has been a lot going on around the property. The wind storm last week took down several trees and another one fell yesterday on the 2nd hole. Overall, the…
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Course Update for March 29, 2018

Construction Update Since the last update two weeks ago, we have yet to see any turf starting to come out of dormancy. It has been quite cool and the next couple of weeks (with the exception of the odd day here and there) don’t look a whole lot better. We'll anxiously await some better temperatures to allow for some turf growth. Nevertheless, the past two weeks have been very productive. The creek work is now complete. The new bridge has been put in place and the new cart path has been installed. R&M, the construction company doing the creek work…
March 29, 2018
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Course Update for March 20, 2018

Although warmer temperatures in late February have challenged Wiarton Willie’s late spring prediction, it seems he was right after all. So far, winter has been hanging around, and according to the weather forecast, will do so for the next couple of weeks. These colder temperatures have been good for the two ongoing construction projects. The creek erosion work is almost complete. Some of the work remaining includes the installation of the new bridge by 8/10 tee (early next week), some minor earth works around the bridge abutments, some general tidy up, and some perennial plantings for later in the spring when plants become…
March 20, 2018

Course Update for May 26, 2017

The course is closed for aeration on Monday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 6. The rain continues. A wet spring seems to be the highlight of every conversation I have lately. The conditions this weekend might be a little bit more difficult than average, as we were not able to cut grass yesterday or today due to the amount of rain. Our team has been working hard today to make the golf course as tidy and as playable as possible. We will be installing a base coat of asphalt on our maintenance road today. This is step two of a three-step process. The first step…
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Course Update for October 14, 2015

Cultural Practices The turf team has been busy this past week completing numerous cultural practices. On October 5 we solid tyned all the greens and applied a heavy sand topdressing. This will create a mat layer to help with the maturing process of the new bentgrass greens and smooth out the surfaces to allow for a truer ball roll. I will be sand topdressing every seven days this fall to try and get the greens as dense and mature as possible going into the winter months. This will provide a more consistent putting surface next season. At the end of…
October 14, 2015

Course Update for December 9, 2014

Course Update It has been just under a month since the course closed for the season and lots has been accomplished since then. The weather in mid November put a halt to the majority of the fall cleanup and course work, but the last two weeks have given the turf team the chance to accomplish some of these tasks and construction projects. The perforated tarps have now been installed on the new bentgrass greens. In previous years solid tarps were used to try and minimize ice cover on the old poa greens to reduce ice damage and freeze thaw injury…
December 9, 2014

Course Update for July 25, 2014

I am happy to say the end is in sight. It has been a long 12 months of construction at Islington, and I want everyone to know the last three green surrounds will be sodded today. Machinery began to arrive on May 27, and on May 30 the 3rd hole was started. Exactly eight weeks later--one week ahead of schedule--the greens rebuild is complete. Now they will focus on finishing the new practice facility so we can seed at the end of next week. The crew has begun to backtrack, finishing any little items that may have been missed, and as…
July 28, 2014

Course Update for July 18, 2014

On May 27, the construction crew started bringing machinery onsite to begin the greens rebuild project, and on May 30 the first shovel went in the ground on #3 green. I am happy to say it is almost at an end. After this week the construction crew will have three greens to finish. With good weather, we should be completed on July 25, then the focus will be on the practice facility the following week. This week started off slow with all the rain, but the crews pushed hard and we will be sodding around #13, 14, 16 greens and…
July 23, 2014

Course Update for July 10, 2014

Even with the rain over the last week, the construction crew was able to keep moving forward by installing drainage for the new practice facility and removing sod on two more green complexes. As of yesterday, the construction company had cored out 14 of the 17 green complexes and are anticipating completing the removal of the last green core on Tuesday. By the end of this week, we will have 11 greens seeded with the first 8 in different stages of grow-in anywhere from seedlings to being mowed. In all, the construction project has gone very well and the greens that have…
July 23, 2014

Course Update for July 4, 2014

Another week down and three more greens have been seeded, giving us a total of eight completed greens. The construction company has removed earth on four more greens and started the finishing stages on three of them. With good weather, we should be done removing earth from the greens by the end of next week. This will put us right on schedule to finish the project by the end of July. The crew will be moving to holes #14, 13, 12, and #7, as well as the PG to finish off the project. While the construction moves forward, the turf crew has now…
July 23, 2014