Course Update for August 9, 2013

Another week has gone by and the weather has been perfect for golf. The temperatures have helped with turf recovery, allowing for firmer than normal playing conditions. The greens have showed some signs of summer stress but for the most part are in great condition. Bunkers on the front 9 have been edged and sand added for better playability. We will continue to focus on course conditions and an overall improvement to the detailing of the course during the next few weeks. This past week has been very productive; we were able to finish the drainage installation and sodding of…
August 9, 2013

Course Update for May 17, 2013

Course Update The course has started to come alive for 2013: greens have filled in from the spring aerification and rolling true, tees and fairways are rounding into shape, and the rough is thickening up. Overall, I am pleased with how things are progressing. Construction As most of you have seen over the last two weeks, the turf department has made significant progress on the three major construction projects that were started this spring. #13 tees have been mowed, aerated, and top dressed and is on schedule to be opened later in May. #2 tees were sodded last week and,…

Course Update for April 26, 2013

First Week of the Season It finally came and the course opened for the 2013 season! For those of you who played Tuesday, April 23, you had a great day for golf with some sun and warmer temperatures--a change from the first three weeks of April. With the long-range forecast looking promising, the course conditions will continue to improve and construction will come to an end. Bunkers The turf team is constantly working on bunker maintenance to provide consistent sand for the best possible playing conditions. Over the last month the weather conditions--snow and rain in excess of 85mm, plus…
April 26, 2013

Course Update for June 22, 2012

In the rules of golf, bunkers are classified as hazards, yet in today’s standards they are asked to be maintained to perfection. They are to be smooth, balls are not to plug, sand needs to be at the proper depth, and grass is to be mowed on a regular basis. In the turf operating budget bunker maintenance is the second most expensed item; more money is spent on bunkers than any other area except for the greens! Over the last couple of weeks the turf department has assessed the sand depths in the bunkers and focused on leveling the bottoms…
June 22, 2012
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Course Update for May 12, 2012

On the Course This last week has been an excellent week for the turf. Warm temperatures, timely rains, a dream in the life of a Golf Course Superintendent! During the week the team has been finishing some ongoing bunker work; the fairway bunker on #2 has been leveled and topped up with new sand to establish the right depths throughout the bunker. In addition, we have removed some bunker matting and added new sand to the bunker on the right of #8 green. Over the next few weeks proper sand depths are going to be the focus with the turf…