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Course Update for June 2, 2017

Why we aerate... As grass grows it produces new leaves, shoots and roots every day. Naturally, the new growth on turf carries much of the workload when it comes to producing carbohydrates. Therefore, the plant gets rid of the old growth. All this old plant material becomes organic matter. Organic matter can accumulate very quickly throughout the season when grass is actively growing. This can become very problematic because organic matter will act like a sponge and stay very wet at the surface where it is decomposing. Not only does this create a friendly environment for disease and many other…

Course Update for May 26, 2017

The course is closed for aeration on Monday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 6. The rain continues. A wet spring seems to be the highlight of every conversation I have lately. The conditions this weekend might be a little bit more difficult than average, as we were not able to cut grass yesterday or today due to the amount of rain. Our team has been working hard today to make the golf course as tidy and as playable as possible. We will be installing a base coat of asphalt on our maintenance road today. This is step two of a three-step process. The first step…

Course Update for September 2, 2016

Aerification week went very well. All greens, tees, and approaches were aerified, and heavy sand topdressing was applied. We used a small tyne on greens because our soil tests came back with minimal change in organic matter. Each green had a combination of solid tynes on the high flat areas and a coring tyne on low areas. We cored the low areas because this is where the organic matter will build the fastest. At the beginning of next week we will apply another sand topdressing to help fill in the remaining holes and promote a smoother putting surface. In all,…
September 2, 2016

Course Update for August 19, 2016

The rain dances have finally paid off. It was a long time coming, but we received approximately two inches of rain over the weekend and start of the week. The rain has done wonders for the property. It’s what we call a reset button. The sodium build up in the greens from lack of rain has pushed through the green cavity and the turf has a vibrant green colour to them. The heat spots throughout the fairways and roughs have begun to recover, and it looks like we were able to minimize the damage with the constant use of hand…
August 19, 2016

Course Update for June 10, 2016

A successful week I would say. The course was closed Monday and Tuesday for the turf department to complete some beneficial cultural practices. The turf team started aerating on Sunday night to get ahead of the dryject machines (see photo) that began on Monday. The entire process on greens took 2.5 days to complete. It entailed core aerification, sand topdressing, matting, dryjecting, hand brushing and finally numerous rolls with a heavy duty roller. Approximately 60 tons of sand was put on the greens surfaces. This is to dilute the thatch build-up which helps with water penetration and allows oxygen into the rootzone.…
June 10, 2016

Course Update for June 3, 2016

It is that time of year when we take a couple days and try to implement as many beneficial cultural practices as possible. On Monday, June 6 and Tuesday, June 7 the course will be closed for aerification. This year we will be trying to incorporate as much sand into the top 3” of the rootzone as possible. By doing this we will dilute the thatch layer and incorporate some fine sand to help maintain the firmness of the surface. This will create channels for oxygen to get down through the surface and create a nice mat layer of root…

Course Update for October 2, 2015

October 1 is here and it seems to have brought the cold weather. The last couple of days have felt like fall: cooler temperatures and windy. The long range weather forecast looks good for golf and even better for the turf department to complete some fall cultural practices. October is a great month to complete aerification and verti-cutting of fairways followed by sand topdressing. Yesterday we began solid tyne aerification in the valley on holes #11 and #17 and applied a good amount of sand topdressing to the top half of #17 fairway. This will reduce compaction, increase air exchange to…
October 2, 2015

Course Update for September 11, 2015

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the greens and the state of them over the last week. I want everyone to remember that it’s been only 10 days since the greens received their first full aerification, and as I mentioned in my previous email, the greens will be mowed at a higher height and will play a bit slower during the recovery period. After raising the height of cut to help with recovery the humidity and heat made the greens grow excessively over the last week causing the turf to be a little sticky late in the…
September 11, 2015

Course Update for September 4, 2015

It was a great effort by the turf team to battle through the heat this past week and accomplish the late summer aerification. The heat and high humidity slowed the process down, but by the end of the day Tuesday all the greens, tees and approaches had been aerified and topdressed. The new greens received their first core aerification since seeding. I used a small coring tyne with narrow spacing to help with any surface imperfections and increase oxygen to the rootzone. This will blend together the rootzone with the turf canopy and create some needed mat to help withstand the heavy…
September 4, 2015

Course Update for August 28, 2015

Golf course closed from Monday, August 31 to Tuesday, September 1 at 2 p.m. The golf course will be closed from Monday, August 31 to Tuesday, September 1 at 2 p.m. to allow the turf department to perform a late summer aerification. During these two days we will be completing numerous agronomic tasks that will benefit the turf to withstand the stresses put on the plant during the summer months. The young greens have had a long season and the wear is becoming evident. It is taking the greens longer to mature because of the significant amount of rounds being…
August 28, 2015